Joëlle Wehkamp (1982) is a Dutch artist and designer, living with her husband and three children surrounded by nature just outside of Amsterdam. Her driving spirit not only comes from celebrating life, but from creating beautiful handmade things and doing that in all sorts of ways: whether it is designing, painting, drawing or making pottery. 

“Celebrating life and living with joy is what defines me."

Joëlle's work is characterized by colourful, figurative illustrations, art, prints and products. Her love for joyous creating is brought to life by the use of different kind of art techniques and making enticing colour combinations—her work springs into vivid relief by the use of paint, paper, pencil and the creative play with colours, textures, and patterns. 

Joëlle creations bring a splash of lightness to the day and she easily transmits this sunny-side-up-feeling to prints and lifestyle products.

Joëlle has worked with numerous qualitative companies and brands world wide which has added to her vast, wide-ranging experience—she knows how to translate a handmade and playful feeling to a commercial product without loosing its authenticity. Clients enjoy collaborating with her professional, swift and enthusiastic work attitude. As a result, her fun and handmade designs and patterns can be found all over the globe.


When Joëlle is not working on commissioned projects she creates paintings and ceramics, she works on inspiring projects and concepts, or just simply enjoys life. 

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