c o n c e p t s

Sometimes ideas just bubble up. And sometimes these ideas become reality when Joëlle get's in this particular energetic flow. You can find her dancing on her own festival or showing the beauty of Pinterest. Who knows what the future will bring. For now you can find here some of her latest concepts.

* Rijksmuseum alphabet
This alphabet is a font created with lot's of beautiful elements curated from the Rijksmuseum archive. The letters can be used on all kinds of gifts like notebooks, mugs, postcards or posters.

* 2017 the Window Show

Aniek Bartels and Joëlle created a new cool event in Amsterdam. The Window Show! An exhibition of creative talents in the windows of cool shops. 27 Artists are linked to 27 stores in one of the nicest streets of Amsterdam; Haarlemmerstraat / Haarlemmerdijk & Haarlemmerplein. Every artist will create a special design on or behind the shop window. The first edition has taken place from 13th - 28th of January 2018.

*2016 Amsterdam chocolade concept
Packaging design for a new not excisting chocolate brand, made it just for fun.
* 2012 Lanterfanten festival - concept, design, social media
* 2012 Product concept for kingsday
In the Netherlands we have the tradition to celebrate the birthday of our king very enthusiasticly. For this special day Sjoesjoe made a few illustrations and designs for kingsday souvenirs.
* HEMA Lowlands campingshop
HEMA wants to be relevant for young people at the right time. For example on festivals like Lowlands, a famous creative Dutch music festival. We created a HEMA camping store. A new little store format with 100, camping related, products and unity prices.

 * HEMA Sint & Kerst pop-up store Amsterdam
What happens when you show HEMA products in a lovely nice shop, in a hip street and with a different looklk & feel?
* HEMA school'13
Design of school campaign, instore signing, movie, brochure art direction.

All images, prints & illustrations © Joëlle Wehkamp
may not be reproduced in any form without written permission.
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