Monday, 6 May 2013

Kinfolk flower potluck gathering at Restored

About a week ago, on a beautiful saturday evening in Amsterdam, I literally felt like I lived in a wonderful flower fairytale. I was one of the 14 lucky girls who bought a ticket for the Kinfolk Flower Potluck Gathering. The Flower Potluck is a celebration of Spring’s arrival, bringing new and old friends together to delight in the season’s fresh flowers, foliage, and food. Restored, one of my favourite stores, hosted this beautiful evening ( together with Vlinder & Vogel, who did the workshop) And, like their shop, it was all done with lot's of love and eye for detail.

Everything was just perfect! The workshop, the ambiance, the flowers, the people and the beautiful food catered by Nadia & Merijn of Arabia mmm!
The first 3 photo's are taken by Joyce & Andres de Lange // On a hazy morning
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