Sunday, 7 April 2013

Localilo #2 Sjoesjoe tour in New York

Thank you for all your nice comments on my Sjoesjoe tour Amsterdam. You inspired me to make one about New York too! Some nice tips for all those New York fans out there. Now, spit spot, book your ticket, you deserve it, you know :)! Oh and don't forget to rent a bike!

2. Meatpacking District: walk - the High Line / eat - Barbuto / shop - Anthropologie
3. Bleeckerstreet: just walk all the way from West to East. Lot's of nice shops & cafe's!
4. Noho: Mott street & Elizabeth street: nice shops & food / eat: Saxon + Parole
5. Washington Square: sit down, relax and enjoy the squirrels & Yankees
6. West Village: breakfast - Buvette / eat - Red Farm: asian food, share your dishes concept. 
7. Dumbo: walk - Brooklyn Bridge / shop - Dabney Lee / do: ride in the  carrousel 
8. the Fat Raddish: simple, delicious dishes created with seasonal ingredients or Beauty and Essex, because of the fabulous food!
** Brooklyn Flea flea market
** Smorgasburg food market
** Bike rental: trust me, it is really fun and safe to do!
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