Friday, 15 March 2013

Localilo #8 Sjoesjoe tour in Amsterdam

Some of you asked me if I could write down a little Sjoesjoe shopping tour through Amsterdam. What would Sjoesjoe do for the weekend? Let's say you come by train... so the starting point is Central Station and, of course, you have a bike! Have fun!

1. Damrak: Options ( only this store and then go away as quick as you can) 
2. Haarlemmerstraat / Dijk: Het Grote Avontuur / &Klevering / Vinnies Deli
    (Coffee)/ Restored / Store without a home
3. Noordermarkt: market / Winkel 43 ( BEST apple pie)
4. Marnixstraat: Rare bird
5. 9 Straatjes: just walk, shop and see, great stores!
6. Rokin: De laatste kruimel ( Lunch)
7. Utrechtsestraat: Jan / Maison NL
8. Elandsgracht: Balthazar's Keuken.... or La Vallade ( not in center of
    Amsterdam, but my ultimate favourite)
** Flea market: Ijhallen
** Food market: Pure markt
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