Friday, 15 February 2013

Localilo Amsterdam #7

Haarlemmerstraat & Dijk, my hood. I'm sooo happy to be surrounded with the most beautiful shops and cafe's in town. This long street always surprises me. There's alwaaaaays something going on... New shops, pop-up stores, bars and restaurants. A good mix of fashion, living and coffee spots. A little update today!

* eat: Vinnies Deli on the Haarlemmerstraat! One of my favourite spots to stop and treat myself on a nice coffee, granola with fresh fruit, carrot cake... lunch, salads... actually on anything... it's lovely to be there and to enjoy their beautiful vintage furniture! Feels like home. Love it.

photo 1. Tripadvisor | 2. Cityzapper | 3. Meet Dada | 4. NSMBL

* dinner: Restaurant Lof. I really wonder why this restaurant is one of the best kept secrets in town. Before you know it you walk by and don't even see it. But, hidden behind the bright blue door and plants in the window is a lovely restaurant. They serve 3/4 course menu with beautiful, delicious and original food... yam!!

* pop-up: 24 Flower. A new online flower concept. Fresh flowers direct from the floriculturist ( nice word) But they pop-up too! This time on the Dijk. In the pop-up store you can choose between different qualities: First Class Fresh, then you can at least enjoy your tulips for 10 days. But if they are less fresh, you pay less as well. Different labels, different qualities. Like!

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