Thursday, 27 September 2012

Vintage kind of painted patterns by Ashley Goldberg

I came across this pin on Pinterest! I just love the vintage kind of painted patterns and colours. Ashley Goldberg is the artist behind it. Like it too? Have a look on her Ashley's blog, you'll find lot's more of this talented patternalista! :)

{ via August Empress }

Unseen Amsterdam 2012

Unseen Amsterdam, a photofair with a festival flair ( like this slogan!) was fantastic. I really enjoyed all the different galleries gathered in a round old building at the Westergasfabriek. Normally I am not really into photo exhibitions, but this time I saw so many nice photos!! I show you 3 of my spotted faves.

* With Nurture Studies, Diana Scherer presents an archive of flowers she has grown from seed over a six-month period. Rather than letting the flowers grow in open soil, she has forced each plant to develop within the confines of a vase. Only at the end of the process does she remove the plant’s corset, exposing roots that retain their shape as an evocation of the now absent vase.

Julie Cockburn takes found photographs and through cutting, embroidering and collaging makes them her own, her work becoming a link between the past and the present. I like the way she puts colours together. 
* And last but not least Luke Stephenson. I have written a blogpost about him a while ago. So I was trilled to see his beautiful birds at Unseen! In real they are even more pretty, the colours are so bright and soft at the same time. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Inside Design 2012: treasures & finds 2012

Let's end this Inside Design marathon with some thoughts during the day: #3

* Inspired to do a DIY project with pins & fluor yarns like this!
* Liked these posters / wrappingpapers made by Frohstoff.
* Loved the colours & patterns of the worldskincolors scarves by Reineke Otten
* Want this cutie (very much) for in my bedroom designed by Jenna Postma.

* Amazed by the hidden vases of Chris Kabel.

* Learned a lot about Vincent van Gogh by seeing the HisStory wallpaper.
* Enjoyed the treehouses of Boomhuttenfest.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Inside Design 2012: treasures & finds #2

Here you go! Inside Design treasures & finds #2!

* My scrapbook was pampered with a big boost of creative DIY ideas. Let me introduce you 'Flessenbootje' (bottle boat)! I think the little minty horse is very proud on his own boat made of a shampoo bottle. Floris Hovers thought up the idea during a holiday ( ALWAYS a good idea to go on a holiday if you need some brilliant ideas!). You can buy a package with all the ingredient to built your own boat. Or you can try to do it yourself of course! :)

The Options! kids workshop was a fun surprise too. I am a big fan of this store, so I was very happy when I came across the container somewhere in the middle of the street. One of the activities was stamping a postcard with the handmade stamps of Masaaki Oyamada.

* Dutch Design Year, a new store in the centre of Eindhoven, presented lot's of new and young designers. I like the idea of painting wooden furniture with a transparent paint. ( Oops, don't know the name of the designer... anyone??)

And besides DIY ideas there were lot's of vintage cars! I saw them everywhere :) Funny, everything on this new developed island is sooo fresh and perfect. I guess the residents want to give it a more vintage look :) Likey!

This little grey oldtimer was a very special one! Barretje karretje, a new eating concept! It's about white wine, loempia's and some lovely music. I just love the idea of re-inventing a vietnamese loempia!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you... la la la... tomorrow: #3

Inside Design 2012: treasures & finds #1

My weekend was all about creativity and inspiration! I visited photo fair Unseen and Inside Design Amsterdam. So much to show you, let's start with #1 of my treasures and finds at Inside Design.
Kids on Roof a Dutch brand which is all about design for creative and playful kids & grown-ups! I fall in love on these two paintings made by Inez Beeftink made for Kids on Roof. Nice mix of paper, prints, tape, paint and fluor.

* Hellen van Berkel: the new collection of pillows by Hellen van Berkel for Gelderland is soooo pretty! The cotton pads are manufactured with screen printing techniques, Indian handmade embroidery and digitally printed fabrics. I love her style!

Tomorrow #2 of treasures & finds :) Stay tuned...

Friday, 21 September 2012

Vintage Vogue covers

These Art Deco Vogue covers are absolutely wonderful! Every cover is made with so much love for details, fabric, patterns, shapes & composition. South African graphic designer Diana Moss has recently inherited a collection of vintage Vogue magazine covers from 1909 to 1940, which she scans and uploads to her Flickr account. Great initiative!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Localilo in Amsterdam #5

There's a fun, energetic and creative wind blowing true Amsterdam. Every day I find new and interesting places and events! It's just splendid I can be part of this all. So today a new Localilo post about Amsterdam!

* eat: C&T's really really really nice place; a lovely bew spot in town!! Anything is possible. They are a bar, bruncherie, exhibition space, movie theatre and a party place, it's always an event. They serve really really nice cocktails, food, events and service have been deliberately tailored to discerning locals and friends. They are forever evolving and open to fun, gezelligheid, scrumptiousness and have a not-so-secret love affair with Bloody Mary’s. There motto: "Why choose one or the other, when you can have it all?" I totally agree.

* shop: Store without a home, the Haarlemmerdijk is one of my favourite streets and lucky enough to live there very nearby! So when I go for a little walk and a snif of fresh air I love to visit some shops. Like Store without a home, a quite new interior design boutique, representing international brands and talented designers. All items selected by Store Without a Home are authentic, quirky, surreal and will make your home more happy! Likey!

* do: Unseen; a photo fair with a festival flair that provides new photography the platform it deserves. It is a meeting place for young photographic talent and known photographers exhibiting new work, for galleries that focus on new developments and a global audience interested in the contemporary world of photography. If you are in Amsterdam this weekend you should definitely go and have a look!

* be local: Citinerary; a new way to discover Amsterdam! The cities we live in are changing every single minute and even faster time passes by. The time has come to change city trips by offering a cultural service: personal, customized, driven and sincere. Through a cup of coffee. With locals, holding the keys to unlock the city for you. Love this little video, it shows exactly how I love to spend my days in Amsterdam!

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