Thursday, 23 August 2012

Let's make a charming cannonball! :)

Yesss, only one more day of work and then my holiday begins! J! I am looking forward to sun, swim, dance, eat, drink and... to make some beautiful charming cannonballs! :) Have a nice weekend!! I'll be back in two weeks with a fresh holiday post!

Truly perfect

These prints are truly perfect! Made by different artists but they have one thing in common, they all play with graphic shapes, beautiful warm colours and  composition. Find more beautiful prints at my Pinterest print board.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Work in progress ♥

My holiday is only a few days away! Yiha! But not until I finished some of my lovely deadlines :) I'm working on a project for Centraal Museum in Utrecht, very exciting. Enjoying it so much to make drawings all day long! Lalala life is good!

Tips 'n Trics #5 HTML

Probably when you hear the word HTML you'll get a bit nervous? And especially when you see the HTML file of your blog with all those letters and you don't have a clue what they mean. In the beginning I had that too. But nowadays I see HTML as a possibility to change my blog like I want to. Oh, it's not as if I understand everything. But I do know some essentials that are very easy. So here's the first HTML Tip 'n Tric for you!

 #5 HTML 

I like to have all my photos on my blog in the same size. It looks more clean and professional. Want to change your photo size too? Follow my instructions and you'll be fine! * If you are ready with your post and you've uploaded all the photos you want to show, you ahve to click on the HTML button. * Now you see your post in HTML code. Within the code you'll find the HTML code of your photos too. You see the words: height="212" width="320" And it is possible to change these numbers (pixels) . * I always change it in width 450 pixels. And of course you have to change the height as well ( otherwise your lovely picture becomes a weird one, and you don't want that. ) Voila!

If you have any questions you want answered, feel free to leave a comment and I will try my best to address it!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Sjoesjoe @ Lowlands part two

You'll never be bored at dazzling Lowlands. Besides watching wonderful performances there is other fun stuff waiting for you. I thought the activities at the Converse compound were very original. This year it was a colourful and messy fest! You could transform yourself into a living piece of art done by Saskia Rocks. At the end of the day there were many people with colourful bodies and faces, nice! :)

This year there was an Etsy bazar. 25 Little stalls full of handmade goodies! It was a perfect spot to just stroll around slowly enjoying creativity and some shadow(!). 
And unfortunately I missed maybe one of the best things that happened! ( I was dancing on the beats of La Pegatina...ok that was amazing too) A BIG water battle with hundreds of water pistols! Must have been really funny and refreshing! I think the best things just happen, impulsively, without any preparation.   

Sjoesjoe @ Lowlands: Part one

Lowlands 2012 was fantastically BRILLIANT! I had so much fun, I danced all night long and loved it! It always gives me lot's of sparkles and energy! Every cell in my body turned into a smiley :) I have seen so many talented musicians. And besides that, Lowlands gives me that wanted creative inspirational boost! You can find lot's of graphic design, theater, fashion, creativity and trends. I will tell you more about it this week. Let's start with some of my favourite music finds!

The Whitest Boy A Live: If you like to dance then you must like this Norwegian band! I discovered them on the Lowlands festival in 2009 and I am a big fan ever since. Electro, funk and mixed with disco makes me dance. The colourful kind of "neirdy" appearance is fun, the band members are fun, the songs are incredible and I danced as if it was my last one. Unforgettable.

La Pegatina: This was such a great party! La Pegatina, complete with fireworks, beach balls, balloons and confetti cannons from Barcelona makes great party music with Latin influences like the samba, but also a polka or ska is not shunned. La Pegatina has only one goal: to entertain the audience.

C2C: A funky blend of hip hop, electro, jazz, soul and blues in the funky blend served from up to four turntables. Mixing and matching, twisting and scratching. And the show is accompanied by breathtaking visuals and light show. It was amazing!

... and and and :) ok the last one: Nicolaas Jaar. Relaxed and soooo dancable! Lot's of happy moments... Ah miss lowlands already.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Pintrends #2 marshmallow colours

Gooood morning on this beautiful day! Today I'll show you some inspiring pins of my Pinterest boards! I wish you a lovely weekend. I am going to Lowlands, a big fun festival in the Netherlands! Wiehoe, looking forward to enjoy music, sun and of course drinks & bites J!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Baby card by Studio Sjoesjoe

A new little baby boy is born J! And Studio Sjoesjoe had the honour of designing the baby card! :) The fresh new parents briefed me very well on some beautiful designs they liked and I've tried to mix it with some Sjoesjoe flavour... Welcome little Olivier!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Keep up the good work!

Since november last year I started Studio Sjoesjoe. I love it! It's all about freedom, diversity, excitement and learning lot's of new things. And in the last few years some of my friends started their own shop, brand or service too! Together we are enjoying a kind of energetic vibe that is absolutely wonderful! We listen to our hearts and that is something everybody should do. And today I just want to say: you guys ROCK and I'm so proud of you! Dear Wendy, Liesbeth, Tessa, Evelien, Marieke, Rachelle, Philippine, Valérie, Barbara-Ellen, and Valerie thank you for inspiring me all the time! Keep up the good work! x

Make good things happen

Today I've written a guestpost on the Everyday magic blog. You know the blog of Charlotte Gueniau ( owner of Rice) I have told you about. Charlotte and her friends write about the everyday magic in their lives. I always find it very inspiring. She writes about a way of living I feel very connected to :) A different blog where it's not about the latest trends, products, DIY tutorials and patterns. But about life and how to get the most out of it. Have a look, for sure you'll like it.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Ottolenghi, my new best friend!

My weekend was all about enjoying life, sun, friends and lot's of fresh food. I finally discovered the recipes of Ottolenghi! Wow, every recipe is so yummy! We cooked lot's of it! Ottolenghi recipes are not difficult to cook, you'll find a good mix of different cultures and they are using many fresh veggies mmm, I like that! The crunchy haricot verts salad with hazelnuts and orange was one of my favourites. We couldn't stop cooking so we baked some tea cakes as well. The ones with lavender and honey and of course the tea cakes with raspberry, vanilla and peach mmm...

Friday, 10 August 2012

My stay in a beautiful vintage camper

Where to begin today? Shall I start with my great creative work days at the Rice headquarters, the new winter collection that's going to be very pretty, or maybe about my lovely friends Charlotte & Philippe who are amazingly warm and make you feel home, love these people, no maybe I have to tell you first about the cosy dinner nearby the west coast of Denmark with a beautiful view that ended with a huge pavlova+icecream+fresh berries dessert, or the outdoor movie in the garden with lot's of warm blankets and Nanny McPhee returns ( I know Nanny McPhee... but really you want to live in that house, lot's of beautiful patterns, prints and colours) Wait, let's start with my new love in my life! This vintage camper.

I was so lucky to sleep in this camper for 3 nights during my stay. Isn't that unbelievable great? Have you ever seen a camper like this? It is made with so much love, colour and happiness. I just want to travel forever in this beauty!!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Today is a good day!

Today is a good day! After a lovely weekend with a bike+coffee+friends tour through Amsterdam, a cosy bbq somewhere in the fields with a beautiful view and a dinner with my sweet lover on the beach, I will return to my Rice friends in Odense. Today is a good day! I can't think up a better start of this week. We will work further on the winter collection for next year ooh lala. Always funny to work on winter when you feel like summer. So the upcoming days I won't be able to write on my blog. But don't you worry, friday I will tell you all about my visit, my finds and my learnings.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Tips 'n Trics #4 Networkedblogs

Do you want more followers, readers, lovers, fans? Then your blog needs to be more visible on the web! Wondering how to link your Facebook and Twitter account to your blog and how your post can appear immediately on your social network after you posted it? Then this is a very nice Sjoesjoe Tip 'n Tric for you!

Networkedblogs can help you with this and it's very easy! Everyone can publish to Facebook, Twitter and get followers for free with this 'networker'. All you have to do is register your blog * Go to syndication * Select your blog * Choose where you'd like to publish posts to * And that's it! Now all your friends and followers can read your lovely posts on Facebook and Twitter too. For sure that it will give you more views per day! It worked for me as well!

Pintrends #1 Pastel FEST!

Having a party soon? Perhaps this little moodboard ( created with some of my last week pins ) will inspire you to organize a little pastel fest! A party full of sweets, pastel colours and a of course that oh so important touch of fluor: yummie! Do you like it? Follow me on Pinterest and you'll get an extra Sjoesjoe boost every day :)

1. Weekday Carnival | 2. Sweetapolita 3. | Decor8 | 4. Enlitenkaka | 5. Luis Monteiro | 6. Ethanolli | 7. Elena Kovyrzina | 8. Unknown source | 9. Confetti System
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