Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Butterflies by Sjoesjoe

Life must not fly but flutter. This lovely motto is my way of life and besides that I have a little butterfly addiction. It started on the art academy in Maastricht. And ever since then I love to paint these colourful beauties! Have you ever heard about the " l'effet de papillon"? It means that a simple beat of a butterfly wing can cause a tornado on the other side of the world. Isn't that wonderful! I wonder what my painted butterflies will cause! :)

Monday, 28 May 2012

Pretty art for sale

I’m very happy to announce that these pretty poem art pieces, made by Mikado, are going on sale today! She made these specially for our Lanterfanten Festival. Mikado is a very talented artist who combines her fantasy with beautiful quotes and poems. She works with inkt, markers, paper and cut outs. I am a fan of her work and I love the large scale of her work, these are 70cm x 100cm! Are you are interested in buying one of these? For €175,- you get an original drawing send to your house. It's a really easy process, you just send an email to sjoesjoe@live.com and you will get more information about the payment. Within a day you'll receive a new piece of art for on your wall! J

Lanterfanten souvenirs

On every festival you can buy a little souvenir as a reminder of the nice day. And because we like souvenirs, especially beautiful not to expensive souvenirs, we made some :) We found these perfect little kraft notebooks at the HEMA store and pimped them a bit with our own stamp and of course... our best friend Mr. Tape. Could be nice idea for a birthday treat as well!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Some carton and a black marker

As you know I love photobooths at the moment.... and especially when the props are saying my thoughts. So I made a few text balloons for Lanterfanten festival. Easy peasy: you need some carton, a black marker and some nice words or thoughts. Oh and some sticks! Have fun guys :)

Some old fabric and tape

Marieke came up with the idea of making a big bow for the entrance ( you probably know this simple construction; a yellowish plastic tube in 2 pots filled with cement, the ones our fathers and granddads made back in the days) We decorated it with some old fabric, tape, stickers and a few pompoms... it became a beautiful bow!! We used the same idea, old fabric and tape, for our donation box. A perfect little, cheap idea for your own party to come.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Some old wood and paint

The best part of creating your own event is to make all the decoration yourself!  Like these wooden signs. Farrow & Ball was so kind to sponsor some paint. I love Farrow & Ball, the colours are inspired on old english castles and have that perfect grayish finish. Some old wood ( found on the streets) and some paint works really well don't you think?


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lanterfanten festival MEGA post :)

Lanterfanten festival was a BIG succes! Together with some lovely friends who helped us ( so sweet!!), we created a wonderful lovely unforgettable day. We made a little new relaxed world. There was great music, delicious homemade food made by het Rijk van de Keizer, a nice mix of lovely people and children, hammocks and Fatboys everywhere and everybody ( even the dogs) were in a chill mood. And our good old friend the sun came at the right time, yeah! We had soooo much fun to create all the decoration and ideas! Marieke and I laughed a lot, had no stress at all and enjoyed every minute of it. We definitely will think about a second edition! The upcoming days Sjoesjoe will be into Lanterfanten festival, stay tuned because I will tell you all about it! Let's start with some lovely impressions!

 ( Some of these pictures are made by Prentje)
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