Monday, 30 April 2012

Live like a fruit loop

This little quote, found on Pinterest, made me smile today! It's so true, be special and do your own thing, that will give you a good feeling for sure. Have a great fruit loop day today!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Flower crown

Voila, this is me: a very happy, relaxed bride with a lovely handmade flower crown ♥ 

DIY Paper napkin ring

Having a dinner party soon? An easypeasy idea for your napkins. Your guests will feel very welcome! :) What you need is some craft paper, golden heart stickers, cord, paper tags and as a finishing touch a stamp... it's great when you have your own stamp ( I ordered one here). But don't you worry, you really can live without it. Use some allover printed paper instead of craft paper. Voila, have a cosy dinner!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Localilo in Paris

Last week I celebrated my 'lune de miel' ( love this word) in Paris. It was so nice to be back in this beautiful city! Actually we did nothing more then eat, eat, have a wine or two and eat again. So in this new and fresh Localilo report I am showing you some lovely spots!

* eat: La Duree, maybe unnecessary to say, but really.... they absolutely make the best macarons and tarte du framboise you ever had! Eat it on a good & lovely spot somewhere in Paris and your day will be fabulous.

( Oh my, the raspberries were even bigger then my thumb!!! 

And you must visit Au merveilleux de Fred... and treat yourself on the most perfect soft, crunchy, sticky meringues of this planet or their perfect puffy crunchy and chocolate 'merveilleux'. mmm...

* restaurant: eating in Paris, I love it! Just to give you some great ideas of the hundreds of possibilities: La maison mereLe train bleu, Rose bakery Marais, Hotel l'amour.

* shop: Merci, a beautiful concept store with 3 floors where you'll find pretty goodies, beautiful clothes ( unfortunately a bit expensive) a nice cafe and restaurant and where you can sniff around for hours. And because of the rain it was the perfect afternoon activity somewhere in the 3th arrondissement.

* sleep: Hotel Joyce, a lovely stylish hotel in the middle of the 9th arrondissement. Light beautiful rooms, design, free WiFi and a perfect breakfast.

* guide: GoGoparis, with this handy app on your phone you'll be as in-the-know as any Parisian about what's happening around town now. Written by a Paris-based team, the guide has a special focus on local designers, independent boutiques, small neighborhood bars and fresh new restaurants.

{Localilo: a person who likes and loves the sparkling loval life in a city.}

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sjoesjoe table decoration

A wedding can be very expensive!! So I thought up some lovely simple and cheap ideas for our wedding decoration. It really looked great and original! For the tables I used craft paper and I decorated it with nice illustrations about love, spring, welcoming friends and celebration. We used little apple juice bottles for the flowers ( it was actually a pretty nice job to drink 60 little bottles of fresh juice) and I created some menu cards. For the paper napkins I printed some strips and folded it around the napkin. Tada!

{ photo by Melissa Millis }

{ photo by Melissa Millis }

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Lanterfanten festival in Flow magazine

Flow magazine is one of my favourite magazines! They inspire me every month with creativity and beautiful visuals. So you can imagine I'm very happy and pleased that they have written a lovely blog post about Lanterfanten festival and Sjoesjoe :)!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Sweet little movie

Sjoesjoe is getting married within a few days, ooh lala! The upcoming days will be dedicated to happiness, the love of my life, friends & family. I will be back after my wedding and 'Lune de Miel'. For now I want to share this beautiful sweet little movie that says it all: I love every piece of you! Bye x


Monday, 2 April 2012

DIY Spring paper flowers

Monday monday! Hope you enjoyed your weekend! I did, I went to the movies to see Intouchables. An amazingly funny and beautiful movie. It is definitely on my favourite movies ever- list, you should go too! And I made these paper flowers. Just for fun, because it's spring and Amsterdam is decorated by lovely pink blossom trees everywhere! It's easy to do and will give your party, wedding or house a spring feeling. You like it?

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