Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tips n' Trics #7 Visuals for Home, About & Contact

#7 Visuals for Home, About, & Contact

So you have found the button to create extra pages at your blog. But you are wondering how to create a visual for your different pages. It's not difficult at all. I will explain in this Tips 'n Trics what you'll have to do. 

* Create a page * Publish the page * Copy the URL of this page. 4. Create a nice visual ( around 250 pixels) for your different pages. You can use a photo or Jpeg file ( I always make my visuals in Adobe Illustrator, but Photoshop would work as well!) * Go to Lay Out and add a Image gadget * Upload the visual * Paste the copied URL code of your page at the link area * Now go back to Pages and drag your page to hidden ( Your page still exists but you can't see the Blogger link on your homepage anymore; it's hidden) * That's it, you made your own page visuals J! You'll see your visual and when you click on it your page will open! 

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