Monday, 24 September 2012

Inside Design 2012: treasures & finds #2

Here you go! Inside Design treasures & finds #2!

* My scrapbook was pampered with a big boost of creative DIY ideas. Let me introduce you 'Flessenbootje' (bottle boat)! I think the little minty horse is very proud on his own boat made of a shampoo bottle. Floris Hovers thought up the idea during a holiday ( ALWAYS a good idea to go on a holiday if you need some brilliant ideas!). You can buy a package with all the ingredient to built your own boat. Or you can try to do it yourself of course! :)

The Options! kids workshop was a fun surprise too. I am a big fan of this store, so I was very happy when I came across the container somewhere in the middle of the street. One of the activities was stamping a postcard with the handmade stamps of Masaaki Oyamada.

* Dutch Design Year, a new store in the centre of Eindhoven, presented lot's of new and young designers. I like the idea of painting wooden furniture with a transparent paint. ( Oops, don't know the name of the designer... anyone??)

And besides DIY ideas there were lot's of vintage cars! I saw them everywhere :) Funny, everything on this new developed island is sooo fresh and perfect. I guess the residents want to give it a more vintage look :) Likey!

This little grey oldtimer was a very special one! Barretje karretje, a new eating concept! It's about white wine, loempia's and some lovely music. I just love the idea of re-inventing a vietnamese loempia!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you... la la la... tomorrow: #3
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