Monday, 20 August 2012

Sjoesjoe @ Lowlands part two

You'll never be bored at dazzling Lowlands. Besides watching wonderful performances there is other fun stuff waiting for you. I thought the activities at the Converse compound were very original. This year it was a colourful and messy fest! You could transform yourself into a living piece of art done by Saskia Rocks. At the end of the day there were many people with colourful bodies and faces, nice! :)

This year there was an Etsy bazar. 25 Little stalls full of handmade goodies! It was a perfect spot to just stroll around slowly enjoying creativity and some shadow(!). 
And unfortunately I missed maybe one of the best things that happened! ( I was dancing on the beats of La Pegatina...ok that was amazing too) A BIG water battle with hundreds of water pistols! Must have been really funny and refreshing! I think the best things just happen, impulsively, without any preparation.   
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