Monday, 20 August 2012

Sjoesjoe @ Lowlands: Part one

Lowlands 2012 was fantastically BRILLIANT! I had so much fun, I danced all night long and loved it! It always gives me lot's of sparkles and energy! Every cell in my body turned into a smiley :) I have seen so many talented musicians. And besides that, Lowlands gives me that wanted creative inspirational boost! You can find lot's of graphic design, theater, fashion, creativity and trends. I will tell you more about it this week. Let's start with some of my favourite music finds!

The Whitest Boy A Live: If you like to dance then you must like this Norwegian band! I discovered them on the Lowlands festival in 2009 and I am a big fan ever since. Electro, funk and mixed with disco makes me dance. The colourful kind of "neirdy" appearance is fun, the band members are fun, the songs are incredible and I danced as if it was my last one. Unforgettable.

La Pegatina: This was such a great party! La Pegatina, complete with fireworks, beach balls, balloons and confetti cannons from Barcelona makes great party music with Latin influences like the samba, but also a polka or ska is not shunned. La Pegatina has only one goal: to entertain the audience.

C2C: A funky blend of hip hop, electro, jazz, soul and blues in the funky blend served from up to four turntables. Mixing and matching, twisting and scratching. And the show is accompanied by breathtaking visuals and light show. It was amazing!

... and and and :) ok the last one: Nicolaas Jaar. Relaxed and soooo dancable! Lot's of happy moments... Ah miss lowlands already.
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