Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Localilo in Amsterdam #4

Last weekend I had a little 'holiday' in my city Amsterdam. We did some biking, lot's of eating, we visited an exhibition and had a perfect dinner. It was a perfect cosy day and it really felt like we were on a long trip again. So today a little Localilo report about Amsterdam.

* eat: Holtkamp, my favourite patisserie in town. Their ready-to-put-in-the- oven tarte tatin is very famous. Just like their delicious shrimp croquets, lemon meringues with almond shavings, florentines and pastries. It's always busy and you have to wait a bit, but it's all worth it! Everything they make is done with lot's of care and love MMM! Holtkamp is situated in a beautiful art deco shop at the Vijzelgracht.

{ photo }

* see: Hermitage museum, Impressionism: sensation & inspiration. I loved this exhibition showed in the beautiful historical building. I like the style of the impressionists and the fact that painters like Monet, Rodin, Pisarro and Sisley dared to be different in a time where this was not usual. Did you know that the invention of the tube ( yes the little tin tubes for paint) is one of the reasons why Impressionism started ( besides of the invention of the photography)? 

* shop: Utrechtse straat, one of my favourite shopping streets in Amsterdam. Here you find a good mix of interior, fashion and lifestyle shops. But watch out, you really want to buy everything over there! Have a look for example at Jan and buy yourself a little present, go to their neighbours, perhaps you'll find a nice dress at Bellerose, and for an inspiration BOOST you definitely must go to Maison NL, a beautiful store!

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