Friday, 1 June 2012

Localilo in Amsterdam #3

A little update about my home town Amsterdam :)

* shop: BULLSOFSTEEL (BOS) is a collector of cool interior goods. Recently launched by Valérie and Lotte. Both girls are addicted to collect unique pieces and have an eye for authentic things that can light up your home. The BOS collection is a mix of old and new. You can inform them with the kind of interior piece you are looking for so they can keep their 'bulls-eye' on it. Their thought: buy what you like, not what you think you need. Like!!

* lunch: one of my new favourite spots in town is de Laatste Kruimel which means 'the last crumb'. A lovely little new lunch/tea room where you can eat beautiful cakes, scones, quiches and drink the most delicious lemonade with mint and ginger mmm. In the center of Amsterdam, on a spot where you wouldn't expect it!

{ photo's by Iconic.o}

* eat: Hemelse modder is a nice restaurant located in the center of Amsterdam. You should go here because they serve you beautiful fresh and home made food (you MUST taste the best chocolate mousse in town)... And ssst... please don't tell everybody, but they actually have a very cosy terrace full of flowers where you can sit on a warm summer evening.

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