Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Localilo in Istanbul

Istanbul and spring are a perfect combination. A sweet friend treated me on a little trip to this special city. It was my first time and it was unforgettable great. Istanbul is a very hip city full of old traditions.

* eat: For a sunny sunday, House cafe, with a magnificent view on the Bosphorus, is the ultimate place to chill, eat and drink all day long! The Ortaköy area where House cafe is located is a lively area with restaurants, cafes, the bridge and a wide range of stores. They serve the best pizza's, really I never had a better mushroom pizza then this one and the same for the fresh pressed juice. Fabulous!

♥ this pizza  

* visit: Bebek, is a hip neighbourhood along the Bosporus. With a buzzing atmosphere, nice cafes and shops lining the waterfront, it's ideal for long strolls along the strait.

Lokma, Bebek

* see: Hagia Sophia, because it is so magical and impressive. People builded this mosque by hand, can you imagine? Inside you'll see at least 30 golden chandeliers floating in the sky. I think JK Rowling was inspired by these chandeliers when she thought up the dining room of Hogwarts. :)

* walk: Just walk, walk and go right when everybody goes left. And you'll find surprises on every corner, smell warm fresh bread, hear people pray, see beautiful purple flowers and blossoms decorating all the trees. Open your eyes and be overwhelmed by the beauty of this old city like me!

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