Friday, 20 January 2012

Localilo in Tokyo

Today Localilo is taking you to Tokyo!! Tokyo is an amazing, innovative, inspiring, different, sweet, busy and beautiful city where you can find old traditions mixed up with modernity! Lucky enough I've been there a few times for my work and private. And can't wait to go again. Perhaps you've made some good plans this year? Here you go, some spots you have to go to.

* park: Yoyogi park is one of the largest parks in Tokyo, nearby Harajuku station. A beautiful park that turns into great colours every season again. We visited this park in spring and were treated by lovely pink clouds... and some rock & roll of course. Every weekend you can twist and shout with the Rockabillies. Japanese boys and girls dressed up in 50's style and dancing like if it's their last one.

{ photo by Joanna }

* shop: Tokyu hands; the Creative store. You might think by it's first looks it's a very boring shop where you never will find something good. But... in the meantime this is a THE über japanese shop where you'll have to walk true every aisle and level. Here you can find the most amazing things and products you never have seen before! Cute stickers, baking fun stuff, wrapping paper, stationary, funny toys, travel goodies, gifts etc... a lot of fun guaranteed!

* neigbourhood: Shimokitazawa, with it's cute little streets and village feeling a little treasure in this big city, is my favourite spot in town! Here you can find numerous adorable cafes, unique fashion shops, second hand stores ( for that beautiful kimono you always wanted), lifestyle & homeware. You never want to leave again. Very popular among the hip and young people in Tokyo.

{ photo hello sandwich}

* sleep: I really can recommend Andon Ryokan in Minowa. Created for the design-minded, independent traveler on a budget. A beautiful modern design ryokan with a touch of the beautiful Japanese traditions. The rooms are very clean and simple and a perfect tasteful homemade breakfast is served every day. The english speaking local staff is very helpful and friendly, and they know the exact right places, shops and hip bars too!

{ photo Tripadvisor }
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