Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sjoe Sjoe is happy!

3 Months holiday already... and still 3 to go! Yeah! :) So happy with this great experience. I see the most beautiful things: plants and animals I never have seen before, landscapes like you see in paintings. And there is so much talent on this planet, found a lot of great little handmade brands. My list of still- want- to-show-this-on-my-blog is getting bigger and bigger. For now some pictures I have made in Tonga and Australia! Two totally different countries, both sooo amazingly beautiful...

Sjoe Sjoe in Tonga
Vava'u = blue water & happiness
Far away from home
Market in Vava'u
Traditional clothes in Tonga 
I am getting married! Jippie! :)

Sjoe Sjoe in Oz
Autumn in Australia, BE-AU-TI-FUL!
Yes, the sky is pink... every night!
In the middle of no where... this lovely knitted tree!
Back in the '50s
Melbourne, new on my favourite city-list!
Great secondhand markets...

This organic wine tasted as good as the looks of the bottle, mjam.
Whitsundays, need I say more?
Atherton Tablelands, English countrylike with a tropical touch.
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