Monday, 18 October 2010

Sjoe Sjoe in New York

New York was great! I am totally inspired and full of energy. New York in Autumn is really beautiful. The loft buildings, pumkins, green, red and yellow leaves, banana pancakes, a crispy blue sky, the wind in my hair and this all combined with a nice cup of earl grey tea in one of the million cupcake stores make me so happy! In the next few weeks I will post about cute new brands, food, markets and more.

I had the most wonderful and surprising YUMMY pancakes ever!! The combination was so lovely! Soft 'n crispy American pancakes with pieces of fresh banana in it + maple syrup + some creamy butter... and now the BIG secret for a the most wonderful pancake on earth + little pieces of baked pancetta + pistache nuts. LOVED IT! 

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