Sunday, 11 July 2010

Guestblogger for Bloesem

Since a few weeks I am a guestwriter on my favourite blog Bloesem. Than you Irene for this spontaneous idea! I wrote a few guest posts... A great thing to do because I think her blog is a beautiful, and daily inspiration boost. And of course her blog has so much more readers then mine :) Hopefully one day I will be a famous blog as well! If you have any suggestions about how to improve my blog just email me, I like to hear any comments. Perhaps you saw my posts on Bloesem already, and if not then you have some nice reads today on Sjoe Sjoe!

* My neighborhood... the Haarlemmerdijk in Amsterdam

I live in the ' Jordaan', a famous neighborhood in Amsterdam, nearby my favourite shopping streets: the ' Haarlemmerstraat' and the ' Haarlemmerdijk. Here you can find a lot of nice little shops. Dangerous for your wallet but oh-so-nice! Last weekend I did my weekly shopping. Let me take you to Amsterdam for a few minutes. On the Haarlemmerstraat you can find ' het Grote Avontuur'. Here you can treat yourself on furniture and home accessories. Their style is folklore mixed with second-hand style. I always want to buy something.

{ Image from Family Styles

For the most tasteful oils and vinegars you must go to Meeuwig & Zn. They offer you a lot of choice and in the back you even can drink a small beer if you want. I bought wonderful lemon oil! MMM! And together with a freshly baked bread of ' Vlaams Broodhuis' a few houses away, it's a perfect afternoon snack.
There is something funny going on at Haarlemmerdijk 41. It's called Oneday shop. During the week it is an empty store, but every weekend something new and different pops up in this little place. Which makes it every time a surprise.

Last weekend it was Nooosugar who popped up. Nooosugar makes stunning handmade cushions, bedspreads and more. They sell their products normally on their website, this little pop up store was just a try out. I fall in love with their beautiful coloured stripes. Very curiuos which brand will pop up next time on number 41

Restored is a shop and atelier in one. Two young designers, who create all kinds of unique products. Restored is a fashion, interior and accessories store. And you can find other nice young designers as well. I always walk in for a quick view. Always lovely! Look on their website to buy a little present yourself!

{ all images are from different designers available at Restored}

To make this shopping perfect, I end up at ' het IJscuypje'. I am truly ice cream addicted, so you maybe can imagen how glad I am with this wonderful ice cream store just around the corner. Their ice is made of fresh products, it is creamy and the shop looks just very simple and qute. You'll find them on different spots in Amsterdam.

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* Happy gardening

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