Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sjoe Sjoe in Wonderland!

I love to travel! It is so wonderful to see new things! The colours, people, nature and design inspires me a lot.
Every now and then my boyfriend and I make a big trip. And I am very lucky that my work lets me travel a lot as well.
Here is a small selection of my favourite pictures I have made. Hope you like them too.

Morocco, beautiful colours in dusty surroundings.

Japan, a beautiful country that stole my heart. Japan is a playful contrast of sweetness, tradition and new technology. The people are so nice and polite. They appreciate everything in life... Celebrating the seasons is one of the things that inspired me the most. They appreciate small things in life, I think everyone should do that!

China, not comparable with Japan. Less organized and refined... but oh so pretty!

Argentina. To be on the other side of the world is a fascinating feeling.
Very pure, fresh, traditional and a lot of passion.

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