Friday, 29 January 2010

Let's get started!

After seeing so many nice and inspirational blogs, and of course the film July & Julia, I decided to start one myself!
It took me a few weeks to understand how to make one but here I am... thanks to Youtube and all the people who gave me tips and tricks I'm finally ready to write and show you the things I love. So I was thinking... there is so much to tell and show you, where shall I start? Let me introduce myself by showing some pics of my lovely house in Amsterdam.

I live in a typically Dutch house in the center of the city. Not so long ago we moved in.
But already my couch in the livingroom is one of the favourite spots in the house!

A big table where all my friends can sit and have some dinner. See in the background my orange cat Puk.

We found this show window on Marktplaats, a Dutch site to buy second hand products. It fits perfectly well in the living room.

The kitchen is in the cellar of the house. It is full of my self-made potteries. I love to cook and bake. Big cakes and pies are my favourite!

The studyroom... and my brand new sewing machine friends and family gave me for my birthday. Can't wait to make a cushion of these fabrics!

Not so long ago we purchased this huge bed. I never had a bed like this, it is so soft! Every day I am looking forward to sleep in it.

The birds room, it is small but very cosy. Our street is named after a bird, and by accident I have a lot of pictures and fabrics with birds. Maybe nice to now that my motto is: " Life must not fly but flutter!"

Joehoe! This was my first message on my blog!
Once in a while, I will put some nice photo's on my blog. Since I work fulltime as a designer, I am not sure when I have time to do this. But hopefully it will be very often. I think it is so sad for a blog when nobody is looking or working on it, so I promise by now, this won't happen :-)
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